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Slipcovers can easily be removed, when stained or soiled, and dry cleaned or laundered at home. How you clean your cover will depend on the fabric. It is ok to not pre-wash your fabric! but you will have to dry clean or test a small piece of the fabric for shrinkage before washing.  We recommend washing your slipcover only periodically. If you plan to launder your slipcover at home, it is crucial to preshrink (pre-wash) the fabric before we construct your cover. We pre-wash fabric for $5.00 p/yard, or you can pre-wash the fabric yourself using the following instructions:

  • Cut a small piece of fabric (3" x3")from your roll of fabric. Wash in warm water and dry in a towel. Place in the same spot that you cut it out from to see if it shrank!
  •  If it doesn't shrink, there is no need to pre-wash.
  • If you like the way the test piece looks - cut and wash one  3 yard piece (110") in warm / warm in your washer with an extra rinse if you have one.
  • If the first 3 yard piece looks good cut all the rest and wash as per instructions below.
  • Cut fabric into 3 to 3 1/2 yard pieces (Thin fabrics 3 1/2 yards)


  • Wash most fabrics in warm wash and warm rinse.
  • Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to stop fading.
  • Do not use detergent - that might put streaks or spots in the fabric.
  • Use oxi clean and or fabric softener if the fabric is stiff  - Dilute fabric softeners - they too can spot or streak your fabric. Do a small test piece.
  • An extra rinse with vinegar can help keep the fabric from looking to faded.
  • Using cold or warm water will also keep the fabric from looking to faded.
  • Fill washer to largest load size for a full cycle. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar and some fabric softener (if the fabric is stiff) mix with the water before placing the fabric in the washer.
  • Wash again with only water .
  • IF you use detergent!!! ** Be sure to wash your fabric twice **  This will insure that all the detergent has been removed!


  • Dry fabric on ultra  low heat or No heat  until it is damp/dry (as if you had misted it- NOT WET).
  • ****Very Important ****  Roll fabric on a tube with the right side to the inside.
  • If you do not have a tube, pretend like you have one!!! Roll it!!! It is OK to intertwine the pieces!
  • Please make sure your fabric is rolled otherwise you will get wrinkles.


  • It's ok to wash your slipcover if the fabric was pre washed
  • After you have washed it, put the slipcover on.
  • Straiten it on the furniture and the cushions.
  • Do not zip it or tuck it in!
  • The Slipcover will dry over night.
  • Zip everything up ( making sure not to zip any loose threads)
  • Tuck everything in and you are done!

-Try not to purchase Stiff fabric - but if your fabric is stiff after you have tried washing a sample, we suggest that you let us do the pre-washing. We have an industrial soap that helps soften stiff fabrics.

We are a Twin City   Minneapolis   Saint Paul    Minnesota slip cover  workroom that specializes in  slip covers  custom slipcovers. We do  sofa  slipcovers   chair slip covers   ottoman slip covers    pillows    custom pillows    cushions  and  sell  fabric  for  custom  slip covers


  • Quick and easy from estimate to installation. 
  • Your cost is less than reupholstery.
  • Slipcovers enable you, your family, and your pets to really relax and enjoy your furniture.
  • When soiled (by kids or pets), simply unzip your cover and send it to the cleaners.
  • Your furniture never leaves your home.
  • You can change the look of your existing furniture.
  • Choose your fabric wherever you like.



  1. Call or email for a Price and Yardage estimate.
  2. Enquire about Fabrics or Purchase fabric at your favorite fabric store.
  3. Schedule a pattern appointment.
  4. Receive delivery of your beautiful custom slipcover in 3 - 4 weeks.