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Beautiful Custom Made Slipcovers

Use the workroom that all the stores & designer's use!  We make custom made slipcovers that fit like re-upholstery.

Ordering is easy and affordable, usually costing much less than new or re-upholstery.

 First call for an accurate estimate - we can bring out fabric samples or you can shop for fabric on your own.

Your slipcovers are custom made, choose a fitted or relaxed slipcover, tailored skirt, ruffled skirt or no skirt at all.

Your furniture never leaves your home! We simply take a paper pattern of your furniture and deliver the finished slipcovers in 2 to 4 weeks.

Your new covers are removable and easy to wash or dry clean .

Your slipcover will have non-shrinking super soft welt cord on every seam and cushions are covered individually with a nylon zipper in the back.

Slipcovers enable you, your family, and your pets to relax and really enjoy your furniture.

Order from us because:

We discount all our fabrics 25% to 35% every day!

We are friendly and knowledgeable and get it right the first time!

We have a large selection of fabrics to choose from (cotton, linens or hemp (some organic) to micro fibers, brocades or wovens).

This gives you the chance to recover your existing furniture, whether you have worn out fabric or simply want to change the look!

We try to be environmentally conscious (we use all energy efficient lighting, recycle all paper, tubes and fabric and will come to pattern and deliver in a hybrid vehicle).

We also believe if you have comfortable furniture that fits your room we can recover it - thus you have recycled too!

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Backed By 3 generations of experience and Quality!

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If you need help in selecting fabric - just call

Serving - Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota

Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding suburbs

763-557-1773 or 877-557-1773


Price Estimate!     Please Email or

Call  763-557-1773 or 877-557-1773

for a free phone quote or to schedule an appointment


Relaxed - Wash Me!

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Fitted-Dry Clean Me

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Fitted - Click Me

Dry Clean Me

Sofa with Puckered Flange

Wash Me!

Chair with Puckered Flange

Dry Clean Me

Fitted Pattern Match

Dry Clean Me



  1. Call or email for a Price and Yardage estimate.
  2. Enquire about Fabrics or Purchase fabric at your favorite fabric store.
  3. Schedule a pattern appointment.
  4. Receive delivery of your beautiful custom slipcover in 3 - 4 weeks.



  • Quick and easy from estimate to installation. 
  • Your cost is less than to reupholster.
  • Slipcovers enable you, your family, and your pets to really relax and enjoy your furniture.
  • When soiled (by kids or pets), simply unzip your cover and send it to the cleaners.
  • Your furniture never leaves your home.
  • You can change the look of your existing furniture.
  • Choose your fabric wherever you like.

Slipcovers that Really Fit!!!

Custom Made Slipcovers Backed by 3 Generations of Service & Quality


  Recycling Helps Everyone!  Recycle Your Furniture!

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